Get Tide In

Get Tide In (GTI) is one of our biggest events of the year! It begins the Sunday before classes begin each fall semester and ends the following Sunday. There is an event scheduled and planned for each night, keeping in mind that we are all college students with little money (even the first week). Each night’s schedule is thoughtfully planned to incorporate as many people as possible and tie in all of the incoming students, whether freshmen or transfers.

Get Tide In 2020

Sunday Aug. 16
– Small Group Lunch after 10A.M. worship
– Singing at Capitol Park @6pm
Monday Aug. 17
– Lake Nichol @2pm and Meeting at church @1pm
Tuesday Aug. 18
– Grill out at church @12pm and Backyard Olympics
Wednesday Aug. 19
– Summer Series at Central @7pm
– Ice Cream Sandwiches @8pm
– T4C Class @8:30pm
Thursday Aug. 20
– Guys and Girls Night Out @6pm
Friday Aug. 21 – Sunday Aug. 23
– T-Town Retreat