Welcome to the University of Alabama!  Tide 4 Christ would love to have you come be a part and get involved with us!  We have tons of fun and reach out to the Tuscaloosa community with the love of Christ!

Tide 4 Christ is affiliated with the Central Church of Christ.
Here is the address to our building:

304 Hargrove Road, Tuscaloosa, Al 34501

We’d love for you to  like our page on Facebook (Tide 4 Christ), follow us on Instagram, and we’re also on Twitter @Tide4Christ.  On our Facebook, Twitter, and website you can get all the updated information and activities that we will be taking part in during the week. For instance, we have Monday Night Meetings at 6 PM every Monday. On Wednesday nights at 6 PM, we have a FREE meal (that’s right, free!) for all college students at the building followed by Bible study at 7 PM. We participate in intramurals, tailgating, trips, retreats, mission work, and service projects!

Just like you, we’re really excited about this upcoming school year!  We can’t wait to have all of you future students in the group and for all our students to return back from summer!  If there is anything we can help you with please don’t hesitate to contact us or send us a message on Facebook, and we truly mean it!

If you are a New Student or Freshman in the Tide for Christ Student Ministry, we ask that you click on this link to fill out a form to better understand who you are!